S4 – The Ultra Secret Base Where They Keep The Bodies Of Aliens And The Remains Of UFOs (Video)

We all heard at least once in our lives about Area 51. A secret base located underground somewhere in the state of Nevada and where strange experiments related to extraterrestrials are performed.

However, there seems to be another area somewhere in the south called S4.

Since the UFO incident in Roswell – in 1947, people have gone crazy with the idea that the United States might be performing experiments with the remains of the creatures and ships found there.

Even though the United States has denied the existence of any kind of remains or evidence of extra-terrestrials, the truth is that Area 51 has been a target for ufologists and conspirators ever since the incident in 1947.

Several ufologists, including Jan Harzan, strongly believe that all the destroyed spaceships and creatures that were found in Roswell were not transferred to Area 51 but to another secret installation. Mr. Harzan really believes that what happened in Roswell in 1947 is completely real and also very dangerous.

Bob Lazar speculates that the S4 area may be located near the Papoose Mountain Range, and according to him, access to this area is completely restricted by the United States government to the public.


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