Searing Agony: A Glimpse into the Nightmarish Suffering of a Dog Rescued from Hot Asphalt Hell

Searing Agony: A Glimpse into the Nightmarish Suffering of a Dog Rescued from Hot Asphalt Hell

When this dog fell into hot tar and became completely paralyzed, he lay in the middle of the road completely abandoned and waiting to perish.

Fortunately, someone thought to contact the Animal Aid Unlimited organization in India and ask for immediate assistance, and the organization’s members set out in search of the dog, who is now safe.

He was in a panic, as seen by the eyes flying back and forth, yet he was completely immobile.

They tried to use vegetable oil to remove the tar from the dog’s body for four hours before they succeeded with their perseverance and hard work.

Before making his story public, “we were waiting for him to make a full recovery.”

“After a total of about 4 hours of oiling, 95% of the tar has been eliminated. Vegetable oil was used instead of turpentine oil, which ensured that her skin wasn’t damaged or irritated when it was time to remove the intensive treatment. He’s obviously a little traumatized from the experience, but he’s such a good kid and feels so much better.


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