Shocking Revelation: Unveiling the Surprising Concerns Behind a 9-Year-Old’s Pregnancy

Yes, we always keep asking ourselves, too, why some things keep happening to the less fortunate that could hardly help themselves out of these situations, but we always have to do what we can about this to at least show these people that someone still cares.

She is called rosila, a mother of this nine year old, and she is called chance.

She is dying and, according to what they were told at the hospital, this young girl is suffering from a kidney problem, and it is what made her belly and the most parts of her body swell like this.

This lady sold everything that she had so that she could save her doctor’s life, but it became impossible because the bill is such an amount of money that she has never heard in her entire life, because just the dose is three hundred dollars and the monthly bill blew her mind.

But i’m gonna leave it.

This is her story.

Dorothea was born in this village.

It is where she grew up from and, just like anyone else, she hoped to grow up and get married, have a good life, hence having a family of her own.

But this did not happen.

She was always in different relationships, just like any other person.

That’s how she ended up being pregnant in a way that she hadn’t yet planned.

She says that the father of her baby is a man that they were in love with and they had a lot of plans together when she got pregnant.

This made her a little scared about how she was going to explain to her parents how she got pregnant before marriage.

She had to find a way to do this because abortion was not an option because she could not kill her baby.

The father of the baby promised to marry her as soon as she had given birth.

She decided to keep this a secret to herself and she did not want to tell anyone about this because she was trusting what she was told by her husband.

After nine months, she gave birth to a baby.

They had a girl together and they were happy, took the baby home and started taking care of her just like they should.

They were happy about it, took the baby home and started taking care of her just like they were supposed to.

They did each and everything possible for their child.

According to what she says, this is when they started living together.

A suspended wife thought they weren’t married.

Time went by slowly by slowly, and it was the father of her child that was taking care of them.

He used to go to work each and every day so that he could be able to get money to buy food for his wife and daughter.

Though the struggle was never easy, they managed to live and survive for years, and this was a good thing.

Well, it had been years now, but the wedding was not happening at all.

She was wondering if he was still going to marry her, because she at least wanted to make her parents proud, but this did not happen at all.

When their daughter turned six years of age, her husband abandoned them and went to the nearby country, Uganda.

He never came back ever since then, because it was the last time that they ever heard of him.

Now life became so hard and confusing to her because she was not working

And she could barely take care of herself.

She had a six-year-old who was depending on her for each and everything.

Darusilla noticed that she had to find a job, and this is exactly what she did.

She found a job to dig for people and wash their clothes so that she could be able to take care of her daughter.

Now they were surviving for quite some time until everything changed.

Life turned against them and they did not see this coming.

Her daughter started claiming that she was feeling a lot of pain in different parts of her body.

Darusilla thought that it was just normal sickness and she would get better soon, but this was not at all the case.

They went to the hospital and they were given a few painkillers with promises the chance was going to get better, but this was not the truth, because her condition was getting worse and they had to do something about it.

She took her daughter to the hospital and it was obvious that the young girl needed advanced treatment.

So they were transferred to another, bigger hospital for more medical attention and checkups.

They went home and the child’s body started swelling and becoming bigger, especially her belly.

At the hospital they were transferred to, they had to carry out a full body checkup, and this is when she got to know what was messing with the young girl’s life.

The doctor told her that her child’s kidney was very sick.

She needed immediate treatment, and this sounded very bad.

Even before she was told how much treatment was going to cost, because, according to her knowledge, kidneys are a very serious issue, they were transferred to another hospital because not just any surgeon was going to carry out a kidney operation.

When they got there, she was told by the doctor that there is a type of medicine that her daughter needs immediately.

It was very expensive because it had a cost of one thousand six hundred and thirty six dollars per month, and she had to keep getting this medicine for five months.

This means that she at least needed eight thousand and two hundred dollars just for the hospital bills, and this was treatment before surgery.

Honestly, this was way beyond her.

What she did after hearing this was to bring her daughter back home and wait for a miracle, because there was nothing that she could do about it anymore, because this money was too much.

In August last year is when her daughter last had the dose of this medicine that she needs.

It has now been months since she was last treated, and uracilla is now very worried that she may lose her daughter anytime from now, and this is why she is asking for help now.

She is living in a life that is very hard because she cannot go to work, since she has to stay at home all day taking care of her daughter.


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