Star-Studded Visit: Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce Arrive at Patrick Mahomes’s Home

Taylor Swift paid a visit to her new BFF Brittany Mahomes in Kansas City, where she is settling in for a weeks-long stay with Travis Kelce.

Swift and Kelce arrived at Patrick Mahomes’ enormous house separately on Tuesday morning, flanked by Swift’s security detail.

Kelce came in his renowned Rolls Royce Ghоst while sporting a red sweatshirt, while Swift arrived shortly before her lover.

The two couples spent several hours together at Mahomes’ $8 million mega-mansion, which has a full-length football field with his nаme in the end zone and his emblem on the 20 yard line.

Swift returned to Kelce’s new home alone following the visit, with the record-breаking player visiting his former 4,200-square-foot home in the city’s Briarcliff West suburb, which provided the couple with little solitude.

Taylor Swift paid a visit to her new BBF Brittany Mahomes on Tuesday in Kansas CityTaylor and Travis spent several hours at the Kansas Chiefs Quarterback's newly built mega-mansion - which features a full-length football field with his name in the end zone and his logo on the 20 yard lineMahomes and his wife Brittany purchased the eight-acre property in Cass County, Missouri, September 2020 – last listed at $400k, It's now worth an estimated $8 million.Kelce arrived to Patrick Mahomes house in his iconic Rolls Royce wearing a red hoodie, while Swift was driven to the property a short time before her boyfriendThe visit came a day after Patrick and Brittany celebrated their son Patrick's first birthday

The visit may have been an opportunity for the Chiefs tight end and his Grammy-winning sweetheart to commemorate Patrick Mahomes’ first birthday.

On Monday, Mahomes and wife Brittany had a grandiose family gathering at their house, complete with a football field cake and bouncy castle.

Brittany became close to Swift after the two spent multiple games in the Chiefs’ box at Arrowhead Stadium together, even creating their own touchdown dance.

Swift also hosted a viewing party for other Chiefs WAGS in New York, where they sipped champagne together.

In September 2020, Mahomes and his wife Brittany purchased the eight-acre property in Cass County, Missouri. It was last advertised for $400k, but the pair has spent no money improving it, and it is now valued at $8 million.

Travis looks to have followed in the footsteps of his $450 million teammate by upgrading his home to one less than 15 minutes away to ensure greater privacy as his connection with the Bad Blооd hitmaker deepens.

The visit comes after reported that the couple plans to spend the holiday season together, as well as Swift’s 34th birthday in two weeks.

Swift flew from Sao Paolo, Brazil, to be with Kelce, and a moving van was spotted outside his new $6 million property the day before.

After recording his podcast with brother Jason in his former house, they spent the evening together in the 17,000-square-foot mansion in the affluent suburb of Leawood.

Taylor and Brittany spent an evening together in New York, sipping champagne, before Swift threw a viewing party for other Chiefs WAGSBrittany and Taylor stepped out in New York City with Selena Gomez earlier this month

Brittany appears to have gotten close to Swift after the two spent numerous games in the Chiefs’ box at Arrowhead together, even devising their own touchdown dance.

The vehicle came early Tuesday morning, only one day after the pop star flew directly from Brazil to Kansas City to be with her NFL star lover.

Staff were spotted carrying furniture and other stuff into the main entrance of the snow-covered $6 million estate as another van drew into the six-car garage.

The tight-end is thought to have fully moved into the property, allowing the couple to make it their own while they shack up for the next few weeks.

Kelce purchased the lavish $6 million property with his ruby red-lipped sweetheart in mind, and they are now love-locked with all the solitude they require.

With two months until her Eras tour resumes, the Cruel Summer singer has plenty of time to make the lavish six-bed, six-bath property her own.

Swift, 33, flew to Kelce’s house as soon as she finished the drаmа-filled South American part of her tour on Sunday – the same day her beau became the NFL’s fastest tight end to surpass 11,000 career receiving yards.

A moving truck was seen Tuesday outside of Travis Kelce's new $6million Kansas City mansionTravis's new home has a Beverly Hills-style swimming pool and jacuzzi, a six-car garage, lighted tennis and pickleball court and a miniature golf course, all sprawling over three acres of heavily wooded pristine landTaylor Swift is preparing to spend weeks at Travis Kelce's new $6million Kansas City mansionTravis and Taylor 'finally have the time and opportunity to spend some for real quality time together,' a source told'The hard work in their relationship is about to start as they will be spending weeks at a time together,' a source told

‘The real work in their relationship is about to begin because they will be spending weeks at a time together,’ according to a source who spoke to

Swift’s plane landed in Kansas City late Monday morning following a brief stop for fuel in Tampa, Florida, and she flew directly to her love’s new luxurious mansion.

When Taylor arrived in town, the first thing they did was snuggle up to watch the Minnesota Vikings beаt the Chicago Bears on Monday Night Football.

As 2023’s sexiest couple prepares to spend their first lengthy period of time together, reality sets in.

‘Taylor is still smitten with Travis,’ one Swift insider revealed. ‘However, she recognizes that the hard work in their relationship is about to begin because they will be spending weeks at a time together.

‘Up until now, it has been a race against time because they both have such demanding schedules.’

They’ve done everything they can in those brief moments – she’s watched him play in the NFL four times, he flew 5,400 miles to Buenos Aires, Argentina, to see her perform, and they both appeared on Saturday Night Live.

‘Obviously, those aren’t things that a typical new couple would do in their first months together,’ the person explained.

‘However, Taylor and Travis may now try to be as normal as their lives allow.

‘They finally have the opportunity and time to spend some quality time together.’


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