Style Spotlight: Unveiling Justin Bieber’s Wife’s Stunning Fall Fashion Ensemble

Model Hailey – wife of singer Justin Bieber – shows off her figure thanks to her skillful coordination of fall and winter clothes.

On October 16, Hailey Bieber walked on the street wearing a knitted outfit including a brown t-shirt and loose-fitting pants, combined with Gucci fur-lined sandals and a Jacquemus bag. Photo: GC Images

Hailey Bieber is considered by Vogue to be one of the It girls (a girl with a pioneering fashion style, desired by many people). The 27-year-old American beauty often inspires fashionistas with simple and beautiful outfits.

At fashion week in September, she wore super short pants, a turtleneck shirt, stockings and a long leather jacket. Photo: Backgrid

Her favorite types of shirts in the cold season include oversized leather jackets, trench coats, 1980s-style blazers, and sports shirts. Photo: Backgrid

Beauties often combine them with short skirts or crop tops, shorts, sneakers or high heels. Photo: Backgrid

Gold-plated eyeglasses and earrings are two permanent accessories on the model’s face, helping her create a stylish look. Photo: Backgrid

Hailey wears a racing jacket with sneakers and a denim skirt. Photo: Backgrid

The 1980s style mixed with urban chic through an outfit including a trench coat, crop top and sandals with white socks. Photo: Backgrid

Hailey’s color combination was highly appreciated by Vogue . She always keeps the rule of wearing a maximum of 3-4 colors on the same overall look. During a walk on the street, she chose a long coat of the same color as a short skirt, and coordinated the remaining items such as a T-shirt and black loafers. Photo: Gotham

Hailey shows off her schoolgirl style with a hoodie, pleated skirt, and loafers. She knows how to take advantage of her beautiful legs, often wearing short skirts or hidden pants, giving her a youthful and dynamic look. Photo: Backgrid

During evening outings, Hailey prioritizes bodycon short dresses and high heels to create a feminine and elegant look. Photo: GC Images

The beauty went down the street wearing a red set – a hot color this Fall and Winter, including a strapless dress, high heels and mini bag. Photo: GC Images

Hailey’s minimalist style with a strapless top, wide-leg pants and loafers. The outfit is simple but still attractive thanks to the combination of a simple 1990s-style shoulder bag, a dynamic cap, earrings and sunglasses. Photo: SplashNews

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