Surprising Connections: How German Shepherds Shower Their Chicks with Endless Love


German Shepherds are often known for their loyalty and ability to work; However, these German Shepherds from Gold Coast, Queensland, became known for something quite unusual.

Jax, Chewie and Flint are long-haired German Shepherds. They were able to make friends with the newly hatched chickens, something unusual for their breed.

If you’ve ever had chickens, then you know that you need to protect them from all kinds of animals, especially foxes and large dogs

But these pups are not your usual big dogs with a high prey drive; On the contrary, they act as parents to these chicks.

There’s a saying that parenthood comes in many forms, and in this case, it couldn’t be more true.

When the dog owners bought 10 chicks, they were initially worried about how the dogs would react.

They posted a short video of the dogs with the chicks on their and said,  “I’m just trying to get the dogs used to them every day, so I hope they become their friends and not their dinner.” 

But, to their surprise, both dogs (Flint came to the family a little later) instantly liked the chicks.

Generally, a German Shepherd may have the initial urge to hunt and kill the small animal, but with proper exposure, socialization, and proper training, it is not impossible for the two species to coexist normally

To everyone’s surprise, almost all of the chicks were very curious about the dogs and almost immediately cuddled with them.

The dogs took their role very seriously and began to raise the chicks as if they were their parents.

They made sure their little ones were healthy, happy and clean at all times by bathing them with lots of tongue licking.

“Jax is truly the gentlest dog! I looked today and saw all the chicks on Jax’s legs, I started recording it, but it wasn’t until I got closer that I realized Jax had his bone from this morning and was letting the chickens share it. Just amazing!” , the owners wrote in the

The dogs quickly learned to be gentle with the little babies and constantly watched over their children, like real parents.

The owners also did an amazing job of properly introducing the chickens to their dogs and teaching them how to behave.

Both Jax and Chewie seem to be natural parents and they sure made it easier for their owners.

Jax and Chewie already had an Instagram account, but it wasn’t until their proud dad moment that they became famous.

Their account, which now even features their new brother, Flint, has over   who enjoy keeping up with these amazing dogs and their chickens.

They post quite regularly, so you can enjoy a variety of photos and videos of the dog’s daily activities. Of course, chicks also appear regularly.

Dogs are their chicks’ best friends and they simply cannot imagine their life without them, not knowing how awesome their relationship really is.

If you want to stay up to date on this rather unusual family, be sure to follow their Instagram

Also, check out the video of the two German Shepherds taking care of their chicks and behaving like real dads (cuteness alert):

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