The pregnant pet dog refused to give birth, the owner quickly took it to the veterinarian for a check-up and was shocked by the ultrasound results

Couple Chris Hughes and Mariesa Caliguire from America are famous for being dog lovers. They adopted 8 abandoned dogs and built a real home for them.

The couple appeared in a series of videos on the OnlyGood TV YouTube channel documenting their lives with eight dogs named Gremlin, Sammy, Meatball, The Stig, Moses, Quinn, Money and Tejas.

On a beautiful day, the couple went to the pet protection and care center in Cuyahoga County, Ohio, to find a new member for their cozy family.

And a pregnant dog named Storie was adopted by them. The couple said that from the moment they saw Storie, they immediately wanted to bring this dog home.

Pregnant pet dog refuses to give birth, owner rushes to the vet for checkup and is shocked by the ultrasound results - Photo 1.

Couple Chris Hughes and Mariesa Caliguire are dog lovers.

The skinny dog ​​was heavily pregnant. Chris and Mariesa thought it would be difficult for Storie to give birth in such a cramped environment with other animals.

In addition, after giving birth, what will happen to the puppies?

Although the staff at the shelter will do their best, Mariesa and Chris feel that the puppies will be loved and cared for better if they stay with them.

That’s why they decided to bring Storie to their extended family. The couple said that Storie had a very pitiful past, this pregnant dog was mercilessly abused by her owner.

However, when bringing the dog home, the couple encountered something unexpected.

Based on the size of her waist, Storie was past her due date but there were no signs of giving birth, making Chris and Mariesa extremely worried and impatient.

Mariesa felt that Storie seemed to be thinking something, but she couldn’t say it.

Pregnant pet dog refuses to give birth, owner rushes to the vet for checkup and is shocked by the ultrasound results - Photo 2.

Story and ultrasound results with 12 puppies.

The couple decided to take Storie to the vet to find out why the dog still hasn’t given birth? Additionally, if there is any danger, they can also assist this dog in giving birth safely.

The ultrasound results shocked both the veterinarian and the couple, who admitted that they had never seen anything like it.

Storie is pregnant with 12 puppies, far exceeding everyone’s prediction of 6-7 puppies. The couple was a bit stunned when they were about to adopt 12 more dogs in addition to their eight old dogs.

However, what they are most worried about is how to give Storie a smooth birth and help the puppies be born healthy.

The doctor said Storie needed to give birth within the next 48 hours or else they would have to take the dog to a veterinarian for treatment.

Pregnant pet dog refuses to give birth, owner rushes to the vet for checkup and is shocked by the ultrasound results - Photo 3.

Pregnant pet dog refuses to give birth, owner rushes to the vet for checkup and is shocked by the ultrasound results - Photo 4.

Storie successfully gave birth and safely takes care of her children in the home of couple Chris and Mariesa.

After returning home, the couple decided to arrange the safest and most comfortable birthing area for Storie. The next morning, a miracle happened, 12 dogs were born safely, they curled up next to their mother on a soft bed.

Mariesa believes that it was the feeling of peace of mind and comfort along with the couple’s love that helped Storie give birth successfully.

The dog that suffered so much was finally able to give birth and have fun with her puppies after receiving warm love instead of being estranged and tortured like before.

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