Turning Tragedy into Triumph: Survivor Dog’s Inspiring Tale of Heroism in Turkey

Balam is a rescue dog from the Querétaro Red Cross who traveled to Turkey to help in search and rescue operations; However, his story is noteworthy as he survived poisoning.

This beautiful ball of fur was divided between life and death after being poisoned by a neighbor who threw sausages contaminated with alkaloids on the street where he walked every day with his parents Athos and Tango, who were fulfilling the great mission of rescuing puppies.

The death of these puppies marked the first case of abuse to be brought to criminal proceedings in Mexico and, as a result, the perpetrator was sentenced to 10 years in prison. Tragically, Balam’s parents were too young to survive the cruel attack.

On June 13, 2021, Benjamín N., 60, perpetrated the perverse act of poisoning the furry rescuers.

Thanks to Athos, Balam’s father, who had a great career helping find seven people who were buried under rubble in the Mexico City earthquake on September 19, 2017, the case generated great controversy in the region. Latin American, and The trial against the man who caused his death finally had its definitive results.

According to several local media, the man had repeatedly threatened the puppies’ guardians with harming them if they continued walking along the streets they shared. Unfortunately, he achieved his goal and Balam and Tango’s father passed away.

But justice triumphed and the man now spends his days in jail. Instead, Balam continues his father’s legacy by saving lives and acting as a conduit of light and love when Mother Nature destroys everything.

After this tragedy, Balam has been surrounded by lovely people who have accompanied him in his healing process. One of them was Edgar Martinez, who eventually took on the role of primary caregiver for the border collie-Australian shepherd mix.

They have been training for a long time to rescue missing people, this being one of the key skills of this cute ball of fur who is conquering millions of hearts for his great work.

Balam, the only dog ​​to survive the poisoning, is now helping support rescue efforts for those injured by the 7.8 magnitude earthquake that hit Turkey and Syria.

A group of experts from the Sedena, the Navy, the Red Cross, as well as a group of Topos that landed in the city of Adana, 240 kilometers from where the earthquake occurred, were sent from Mexico to support the Eurasian nation in this difficult moment. time, according to Marcelo Ebrard, Secretary of Foreign Relations.

There are 16 canine pairs that have been properly trained for this situation. According to Ebrard, the current strategic objective is to rescue people since it is urgent.

Balam clung to life and now has the great mission of saving others. He behaves impartially and without regard for past wounds, unlike humans.

To find you and let others know that he has discovered you, he will be the first to offer his support and will enter areas that humans cannot access.

The next time you assume that puppies are simply pets, reconsider and recognize the great nobility and intelligence that resides within them.

How much we still have to learn from these incredible people! Balam is a hero without a cape and a miracle of life.


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