UFO Crash on Mars? Experts Weigh In on Latest Controversial Photo(Video)

Recently, a strange discovery in a NASA photo has some saying that visitors haven’t just been observing Earth. Check out what they found on our next-door neighbor, Mars. In March 2006, the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter began its mission of studying the atmosphere and terrain of the Red Planet. Since then, the orbiter has taken almost 7 million pictures of the Martian surface. However, it wasn’t until 2021 that someone noticed something remarkable – a pair of long parallel lines with indentations that lead to what appears to be a half-berry disc.

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Upon closer inspection, the perfectly shaped crescent edge is visible. George Haas, director of the Cydonia Institute, explains what the buzz is all about. A South African researcher claims to have found what appears to be the remains of a UFO crash. The object that he was looking at was between 12 and 15 meters in diameter, and it could be the remains of a flying disc that had crashed on the Red Planet. If it was a flying saucer, did it come from Mars or somewhere else in the galaxy? And if so, was it observing Mars because there was a civilization there?

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Haas says that many believe ancient civilizations, including one called The Cydonians, once thrived on the Red Planet. There’s been lots of evidence that there are pyramidal structures and all types of mound formations on the planet that do not look normal. One formation, in particular, the famous Paratopia Parrot that was taken by NASA, has over 22 points of anatomical practice which goes way beyond any natural formation. But Haas believes the Sidonians vanished from Mars millions of years ago after a war that led to nuclear Armageddon. So, who could this ship belong to?

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For people that believe this UFO crash on Mars is an actual UFO, it may be connected to the Grays that visit our planet. They’ve been visiting our plan for millennia and possibly visiting Mars also. Some believe that the gray aliens crashed at Roswell, and they may have also lost control of one of their vehicles on Mars. Now we know people have been seeing alleged signs of civilization on Mars ever since this famous face was discovered in a 1976 photograph taken by Viking one. Most of these images, including the face, were revealed to be natural geological formations once higher resolution images became available.

But what about this? I mean, that clean circular edge is pretty clear. Couldn’t that really be the back edge of a flying saucer? Look at the outer edge. This would be the crash path right here, and it sure doesn’t look natural. Let’s find out what our experts think. We start with astrophotographer Andrew McCarthy. For billions of years, our solar system has been bombarded with objects. Could this be a meteor that streaked from out of the sky?

Take a look at the Moon. On the surface of the Moon, there’s a crater called Messier A. And what that is is a shallow meteor impact that came in at a very shallow angle and carved out elliptical-shaped craters. This is how a normal asteroid crash would look if it comes in at a shallow angle. However, on this specific trail leading up to the object, you don’t see much of that. This object itself is still intact. So then how can we explain the smooth crescent shape of the disc?

There is speculation that it could potentially be the heat shield off of a probe that got ejected into the Martian surface. Since 1960, there have been around 50 attempts to send probes directly to Mars, but only about half have been successful. Is this disc the remnant of a failure? Look at the trench this object crashed down; it looks pretty wide


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