Unexpected Backlash: Justin Bieber Faces Criticism Despite Thinking He Was Welcome

Justin Bieber’s surprise appearance caused intense controversy.

Recently, Justin Bieber made a surprise appearance during Don Toliver’s performance at the Rolling Loud music festival (Los Angeles).

While Don Toliver was performing, Justin Bieber suddenly came out from the stage, wearing baggy jeans and a baseball cap to contribute his voice to the song  Private Landing. I thought the crowd would go “crazy” and excited about this unexpected appearance, but that was not the case.

Justin Bieber thought he was welcome but received a backlash - 1

As soon as they saw Justin Bieber appear, the crowd below simultaneously shouted:  “F*** Hailey”  and also  “F*** Hailey Bieber”,  this is a vulgar curse, expressing the anger of the crowd. east in front of the male singer and his wife. Besides, they also shouted  “Team Selena” (on Selena’s side) . The crowd then became even more angry when Justin Bieber simply continued to perform, not paying attention to the crowd below, not even making a move to protect his wife from the above heavy insult.

Justin Bieber thought he was welcome but received a backlash - 2

If you haven’t caught the drama yet, in recent days, the noise between Selena Gomez and her close friends Hailey Bieber – Kylie Jenner has become a hot spot attracting the attention of global fans. The story is that a few days ago, Selena Gomez posted a video sharing about the incident and damaged her eyebrows. Just a few hours later, Kylie Jenner posted a FaceTime screenshot between her and Hailey Bieber, along with the implicit status line: “Was that really an accident?”.

Selena Gomez’s fans said that the two’s actions were “kicking” their idol, although Kylie later clarified that there was no malicious intent. It’s worth mentioning that even Selena agreed with Kylie Jenner and told fans that she herself didn’t care about it, but the wave of protests shows no signs of cooling down. And the consequences left behind by the “jealousy” drama between Selena Gomez and her friend Hailey Bieber are even more severe than the insiders thought.

Currently, it is clear to the public who wins and who loses when Hailey Bieber has lost hundreds of thousands of followers on Instagram while Selena Gomez has skyrocketed to 8 million followers on this same platform. The public tried to protect Selena Gomez and thought Hailey Bieber was too mean. And the crowd’s reaction to Hailey’s husband at the Rolling Loud festival further proves this.

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