Unfortunate Discovery: Baby Develops Cyst In Utero – Understanding Causes and Potential Implications


Before her birth, Eden Sue was diagnosed with a cystic hygroma, which is a cluster of cysts that develop in the neck as a result of a malformation during pregnancy. This condition can become a significant impediment to a baby’s health, and doctors initially thought she had very little chance of surviving the moment of birth.

“The only way for her to be born would be in an operating room surrounded by doctors, pediatric otolaryngologists, surgeons, and intensive care nurses.”

Her mother, Chelsea Jones, was extremely nervous. They decided that it would be best for the baby to be born via cesarean section, but even then they didn’t know if they would get to meet their baby.

When the day arrived, Chelsea was overjoyed. After a few moments of great anxiety, she heard her baby cry and confirmed that she had been born alive.

“I spent nine months praying for her. I wanted her to be born healthy.”

However, this happiness did not last long. Doctors told them that her condition was so severe that she might not survive for more than a day. The large cysts were compressing her airways. Sweet Eden continued to fight for her life, and against the odds, she kept becoming stronger and stronger.

“We love her so much. She is a miracle.”

It hasn’t been easy. Chelsea and her husband have spent the first years of their daughter’s life in and out of medical offices, and making long trips to see the best specialists.

“We received medical training to learn how to care for our daughter. We came to know more about her condition than any other specialist.”

Everywhere they went, they encountered the worst prognosis, but they continued to fight for their baby’s life. She, on the other hand, only showed that she was full of life and that she wouldn’t let this strange condition take her down.

Finally, Eden was discharged and was able to go home with her parents. She began to feel strong enough to live without tubes or life support, and has grown up to become a very happy girl. She almost always has a smile on her face and enjoys every moment with the people she loves the most.

“She got rid of the tubes as if they were nothing. It was something we thought was completely impossible.”

After receiving the worst diagnoses, Eden has managed to turn two years old. Chelsea has shared every moment of this exhausting struggle on social media to help raise awareness about her daughter’s condition and the importance of never losing hope.

Nothing is impossible, despite the worst prognosis, this little one showed that with the love of her family and her resilience, she could move forward and become an inspiration and source of encouragement for others.

We must celebrate how far Eden Sue has come and restore hope to those living in a similar situation. It is worth believing in miracles.


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