Unlikely Friendship: Orphaned Elephant Bonds with Dog Bella, Shares Joy of Playing Tag in Puddles

This is the story of the unusual but warm friendship between Bubbles, a rescued orphaned elephant, and Bella, the Labrador.

Bubbles are not like your usual elephant; she loves to play catch with her best friend who is only her knee height.

Bella manages to get the ball by climbing on the giants’ backs even when Bubbles dives into a large puddle.

Bubbles live at Myrtle Beach Safari. She was flown in from Africa as a child after her parents were killed for their tusks.

Bella jumps her playmate back to catch the ball and then swims away, leaving the elephant chasing her.

“They just love going for walks together.”

The animals at Myrtle Beach Safari are part of a wildlife conservation effort called the Southern California Rare Species Fund.

Bubbles now weigh about 4 tons and are over 9ft tall. When she was brought in, she weighed about 150kg and was only 3.5ft tall.

Bubbles was among several orphaned animals brought to the US to be rescued from a lack of housing and care in Africa at the time.

Bubbles definitely changed her life after finding fame in movies like Ace Venture, Malaika and even appearing in a Janet Jackson music video.

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