Unveiling the Mysteries: The Enigmatic Tail Behind the ‘Monkey Deity’ Incarnation

Believers believe that just by touching the tail of the “monkey god”, all their wishes and prayers will come true.

An Indian teenager suddenly became famous and was worshiped as a god by people because he had… a tail about a hand long. Arshid Ali Khan, a 13-year-old orphan boy, has become a sacred symbol of the state of Punjab (India), where he lives.

Locals hailed Arshid as the reincarnation of the monkey god Hanuman, a Hindu mythological character recounted in the epic Ramayana, and called him Balaji. Ironically, it is the same “magic” tail that is causing Arshid to use a wheelchair, and his family needs to remind him to remove it so that Arshid can live a normal life .

“This tail was given to me by God. You are worshiped because when you pray to God, everyone’s wishes come true. I don’t feel bothered about it at all”, Arshid was very proud when mentioning his “divine object”.

Arshid Ali Khan, a 13-year-old boy from the Indian state of Punjab with his strange tail.

Arshid currently lives with his grandfather Iqbal Qureshi and two uncles in Punjab, after his father passed away when he was just four years old and his mother remarried not long after.

Mr. Qureshi, a local music teacher , was also the first person to discover the boy’s “divine” qualities. “When he started learning to speak at the age of one, he was able to say many names of gods from different religions. That was also the time I realized there was something sacred and divine in Arshid,” he recounted.

The house Arshid was living in was quickly converted into a temple, where the boy’s followers could visit, worship and receive blessings by… touching the tail of the “monkey god”.

“Many people, after coming here, have achieved their wishes,” Mr. Qureshi declared. “Many childless couples come to Balaji to ask for help. He gave them his blessing and most were then able to conceive.”

Local people worship Arshid as the ‘incarnation of Hanuman’, the powerful ‘monkey god’ in Hindu mythology

However, Arshid often has difficulty being able to study and have fun with his peers while also being able to spend time with faithful believers. “I have to go to school on weekdays . But when I have a day off on Sunday, there will be about 20-30 people coming to my house asking to see me.”

The boy also said that no one teased him, but everyone really wanted to see that strange tail. But it is the “power” tail that is causing trouble. Arshid is currently unable to walk and must use a wheelchair, and also suffers from a number of undiagnosed functional disorders

. Some doctors believe it is a form of brittle bone disease (a form of dysfunction), while others assert that the tail is a developmental deformity protruding from the spine. Some people believe that the boy was born with “spina bifida”, and this condition can cause paralysis if not treated.

A leading surgeon also visited and confirmed that he could help Arshid successfully remove this “deformity”. But the boy’s family was skeptical and announced that they decided on behalf of the boy to keep the tail rather than perform a potentially dangerous surgery.

However, Mr. Qureshi also stated that “It is Balaji’s decision. If it wants to have its tail removed, we have no objections. We took him to the doctor as soon as he couldn’t walk, to see what they could do.”

Devotees believe that worshiping Arshid and touching the ‘god’s tail will help their wishes come true.

As for Arshid, he absolutely does not believe that cutting off his tail will stop crowds from flocking to his house to ask for blessings. “Doctors can remove this tail, but people will continue to believe in me,” the boy affirmed.

Anyway, with his strange body and the stories that have been woven throughout the years, the boy “incarnation of Hanuman” has also become one of the sacred symbols of India famous for its miracles. mystical thing. May you personally receive blessings, like what you are “giving” to the believers here.

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