Video captured by the US Air Force captures an unidentified flying object believed to be a UFO.

these stories will have you questioning if life exists outside our universe and if so have aliens made contact with us this is a spacecraft but is it a man in north carolina caught this in 2018. it’s a big silver aircraft hovering over a lake the man who captured the image says he was convinced he was looking at a ufo there was nothing like that i’d ever seen before the video went viral with many others hoping he was right however it turned out not to be an alien aircraft it was just the goodyear blimp the

company even confirmed it on social media writing we don’t want to get in the way of a good story but that’s definitely us sorry space fans not this time check this out in 2016 these airport employees in miami had no idea what they were looking at when a blue orb appeared in the sky the ground crew posted videos of the phenomenon on social media which drew comments like they are coming and welcome to the world of aliens but the truth was the opposite of an alien invasion three two one lift off it turned out to be a rocket

launched into space from cape canaveral and it happened just before the sun came up which is what experts say caused the beautiful blue orb that’s what we’re seeing is the expanding gases from coming out from the rocket lit up by sunrise others also seem to think blue light signals an alien encounter when the sky turned blue in queens new york in 2018 the locals got a little worried all i saw was blue and then my lights flickered at home so then when i went out i saw from my back window and i just saw like blue fire

the ominous glow could be seen for miles and while it was spectacular to look at people wanted answers some thought the worst and then i said to my husband we are being attacked this is our terrorist attack all my neighbors start to run run run just run run it’s like an alien attack but it wasn’t terrorists or aliens the blue glow was caused by explosions at a con edison power plant that were set off by a fire no one was injured but power was temporarily lost to the surrounding area which included laguardia airport alien

enthusiasts were surely let down by this event in 2020 the pentagon released three videos of unidentified flying objects that were recorded by navy pilots the pilots can be heard trying to understand what they’re looking at we’re going against the wind the wind’s 120 west three videos taken in 2004 and 2015 had been circulating in the media for years after being leaked although the navy did confirm their authenticity the department of defense reportedly said it released the videos to clear up any misconceptions that they were not

real or that there are more to them but what the videos captured remains a mystery inside edition stephen fabian asked a former government intelligence official what they could be what could they be yeah great question so we all want to know i like to remind everybody unidentified flying object doesn’t mean alien spaceship we have to keep an open mind the alien hypothesis is just a hypothesis at this point might be the russians in chinese could be perhaps some private industry somewhere none of these hypotheses are comfortable

and they all seem low probability and yet the facts are the facts the department of defense would only say that the objects remain unidentified one place may hold answers to our many questions about life on other planets roswell new mexico was the site of mysterious activity in 1947 but that’s about all we know i’m not really sure what happened but obviously something happened something crashed evidence shows that probably it was an extraterrestrial crap while the u.

s government contends that no alien activities occurred in roswell in 1947 all kinds of conspiracy theories have been explored and still linger today debris reported near a military base in the town were from balloon-borne research projects but many people still don’t buy that explanation back in 1947 if the government told you to shut up for national security reasons you did it the ufo museum in roswell attracts people from all over the world to explore the many possibilities while it doesn’t provide any definitive answers the fun

really is in drawing your own conclusion the major draw of this museum is the mystery everyone loves a mystery and this is one of the biggest mysteries in our history but some people say there’s no doubt they have had alien encounters 2006 starving support starts and people have a place to go for support thinking that you’re completely insane and not being able to speak to somebody that’s why we do what we do members of starborn support gather to share their stories of alien abduction it’s a safe and welcoming place for them

to share their experiences which they say very few people can relate to one time i had a young lady that had just moved in with me one night they came took me and in the process of them returning me back they woke her up at which point i was being levitated for these self-proclaimed alien abductees it’s not a question of whether aliens exist it’s more like why me for inside edition digital i’m mara montelbano you


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