While trying to kick water at the dancers, Justin Bieber “hit his back with a stick” and fell face down in front of thousands of fans

During a recent concert in Jacksonville, Florida, while performing the song “Sorry”, Justin Bieber playfully tried to kick water on stage (the result of artificial rain in the background of the performance) at the backup dancers. his disaster. Unfortunately for him, the slippery stage caused Justin to slip and fall. The dancers had to immediately run to save the 22-year-old star.

Kicking water at the dancer, Justin Bieber slipped and fell on his butt during the concert - Photo 1.

Fancam of Justin Bieber falling on stage because he tried to kick water at the dancers

Standing up, Justin loudly declared to the audience present: “Life is about falling and life is about knowing how to get up!”. After the concert, Justin also retweeted the fancam recording his fall.


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