From Dumpster to Dream Home: A Cat’s Rags to Riches Tale

A cat found meowing from a trash-filled lot now has a dream place he always wanted and lives like a king.

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Fairmount (now Sawyer)LittleWanderersNYC

About three months ago, Little Wanderers NYC received an urgent rescue request about a cat found in a trash-filled lot.

The orange tabby was sitting among a pile of empty cans behind a gate when a local cat colony carer noticed him. She approached him and talked to him in a soft voice. He was timid but didn’t flee and responded with gentle pleading meows.

The colony carer discovered that the tabby had been recently abandoned and had nowhere to go. His little chirpy meows and slow blinks tugged at her heartstrings, and she wanted to get him somewhere safe.

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He was found in a trash-filled lotLittleWanderersNYC“The first time I saw him, he was scared. He meowed at everyone for help and just stayed in this little gate. I don’t think he had ever experienced a winter before, so he was worried,” the carer shared with Little Wanderers NYC.

The cat warmed up to the carer and allowed her to pet him, and he leaned into her for comfort.

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He was very shy but meowed at the finder for helpLittleWanderersNYCLittle Wanderers NYC sprang into action and dispatched a volunteer to the rescue. “Domesticated cats have little to no chance of survival on the streets of the borough. We couldn’t leave this cat outside,” the rescue shared.

The orange tabby named Fairmount was finally safe. He was wary but seemed relieved to be inside, with plenty of food and a cozy, warm bed to nestle in.

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With the help of volunteers, he was finally safe insideLittleWanderersNYCAt the vet, Fairmount came out of his shell with the help of a treat. He lay down on the table and let everyone love on him. He was treated for a severe stomach infection, among other issues.

With the support of the rescue and the tireless efforts of the veterinary team, Fairmount was on the mend and started to put on weight.

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He was so happy to be loved LittleWanderersNYC“We took care of him, and then he went into foster care with one of our amazing foster families.”

During his time in foster care, Fairmount truly shone. He found the confidence to approach his people for attention and talked to them with his heartfelt meows.

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LittleWanderersNYCFairmount’s inner kitten emerged when he discovered new toys and transformed the place into his playground. It was then they knew he was ready for a place of his own.

Around that time, a couple was searching for a feline companion to add to their household after they experienced being foster parents themselves.

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LittleWanderersNYC“We made up our minds that we wanted one for ourselves forever. We spent a few weeks checking out various shelters and organizations until we stumbled across Fairmount and Little Wanderers NYC,” the couple shared.

They were instantly smitten with his dreamy little face. When they learned about his rescue story, they knew he was the one.

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Sawyer now has a throne to sit on and all the food he desiresLittleWanderersNYCAfter months in foster care, Fairmount (now renamed Sawyer) joined his new family in his forever home. Instead of sitting on trash piles, Sawyer perched on his beautiful throne filled with food and supplies.

“Since we brought him home, he’s been busy settling into the good life of napping in bed with us and chasing around all his toys.”

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LittleWanderersNYCIt takes a village to save one cat. Sawyer has landed the dream home with a loving family that spoils him to bits. He claims every inch he touches in his kingdom. He romps around the house and flies through crinkly tunnels, living like a king.

“We’re so thankful to Little Wanderers NYC for finding us our new best buddy.”

cat fluffy tunnel toys

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