Heartwarming Encounter: A Kitten Finds Trust After Sheltering from the Rain with a Compassionate Stranger

Kitten Hiding in a Wall Decides to Trust When a Kind Person Spends an Hour with Her in the Rain

A kitten hiding in a wall decided to trust when a kind person spent an hour with her in the rain.

stray kitten snuggly

Arya the kittenKristen

Alli, an animal rescuer, received a call from a local cat colony carer who spotted a kitten coming in and out of a wall at a strip mall.

The kitten had taken refuge in the corner where there was a missing brick. When Alli arrived, she found the tabby hidden away in the hole and too afraid to come out.

“It was going to be so cold that night, so I went right away and spent an hour in the rain coaxing her out of the wall,” Alli told Love Meow.

hole in the wall

The kitten was seen coming in and out of a wallAlli

“She would mew at me and reach her paws out to me, so I knew I just needed to give her time. She wanted so desperately to be out of the elements.”

Through words of encouragement, the kitten began to warm up to her rescuer. Slowly, she wriggled her way towards Alli. After an hour, she mustered the courage to make her tentative steps out of the wall.

stray kitten hiding wall

Arya hid in the spot where a brick was missingAlli

After a few pets, the wariness in her eyes melted away. “I had a carrier with me, but all she wanted was to be held and loved.”

The kitten begged for attention, crawled into Alli’s arms, and held her tight with both front paws. She switched on her purr engine and leaned into her rescuer for comfort.

kitten snuggly rescuer

After an hour of coaxing, the kitten came out from hidingAlli

“She purred and made biscuits in my arms the whole way home. This tiny girl has a huge heart and wants nothing more than to get pets and love.”

The kitten named Arya didn’t have a family and had been fending for herself on the streets. Alli got in touch with Kristen, a foster volunteer for St. Francis Society Animal Rescue, who didn’t hesitate to take her in.

stray kitten friendly cuddly

All she wanted was to be held and lovedAlli

Shortly after arriving at her foster home, Arya was on Kristen’s shoulder, nuzzling against her cheek. She felt so content that she stretched her toes on her foster mom with purrs rumbling in her chest.

“She was sweet immediately and wanted and still wants nothing but love. Pets, kisses, cuddles – she wants it all,” Kristen shared with Love Meow.

stray tabby kitten cuddly


At first, Arya was guarded around other kittens, hissing and growling at them. She was starved of human affection and demanded attention from her foster family whenever she could.

When Kristen walks into the room, Arya greets her with whiny meows. Her purr motor starts running the second Kristen looks at her. “She is such a love bug.”

happy tabby kitten tongue

She loves people and is an attention-seekerKristen

“Every day, she is getting more and more comfy with her fellow kitten foster friends and is even eating with them now.”

Arya loves nothing more than to purr and cuddle. She’s affectionate, gentle, and always ready for a hug. She fawns over her people and follows them on their heels if she is not snuggling in their arms.

tabby kitten lap cat


“Her purrs are the sweetest music you’ll ever hear.”

The tabby girl is fond of her comfy beds and soft blanket fort, where she sleeps like royalty. She enjoys sitting on a cat tree by the window, watching the day go by while soaking up the warm rays.

kitten window cat tree


Arya is ready to look for a forever family who will love and cherish her endlessly, a dream home where she can be the center of attention, the princess of her castle.

happy tabby kitten


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