German Shepherd’s Joy: Choosing the Perfect Toy and Leaping with Delight

When Shannon Emery from Liberty, Missouri took his dog shopping for a new toy, he wasn’t expecting her to get so ‘into’ it.

On March 4th, Shannon took his German shepherd dog named Mila to his local Menards for a visit, which they’ve done before. Mila adores going shopping and gets to pick up a new toy on their shopping outings.

Mila is familiar with this toy bin. She anticipates it and knows it’s one of their last stops before hitting the cash register. As they draw closer, she starts tugging Shannon toward it:

Excited Pup Can’t Wait for Fun: Impatiently Drags Leash to Toy Aisle, Making It the Highlight of the Store Visit

However, this day, Mila decided to take things into her own paws. Although the stock wasn’t reaching the top of the bin, she joyfully jumрed into a bin of toys and helped herself to the one she desired. “When we finally got there this time, the supply was limited so she could not reach the toys very well. She just jumреd straight in without hesitation although I was not taping the first time she did it. Therefore, we replicated the moment on camera,” he remarked.

Since she took two leaps into the toy bin, did the lovely pooch get two toys? Nope. But we’re sure she left the store delighted nevertheless. According to Shannon, Mila decided to take home a yellow squeaky ball.

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