Unforgettable Moments: Homeless Puppy Steals the Spotlight in Teen’s Photoshoot

The second protagonist loved the presence of the canine.
“He, all loving and photogenic, who accepted the lap that was offered to him” , was characterized by the photography expert named Néster Núñez when he released his work on the networks. Images will always express better than words.

Olivia Núñez Zaragoza was the young woman who wanted that moment to go down in history, but she was unaware that she would have to share its major part. The entire photo shoot was accompanied by the smiles of the quinceañera, who accepted this dog on her lap.

Dogs have the power to improve at any time according to enthusiasts of these creatures. “No matter the scenario, with their simple presence they bring a distinct delight and sensitivity that make every second extraordinary,” several users point out.

The strange picture session took place in the Plaza de La Vigía in Cuba, where various sorts of events for female beauty have been conducted. “We were going by, nervous because of the session of fifteen, because of the schedules, the sun, when he curiously approaches, and I make a sign to Oli,” recalled Nester, remembering how that rare moment occurred.

The visit was extremely enjoyable because the creature was quite lovely and leaned boldly on the girl’s clothes . “ Los quince de Firulais” , this is how the Internet users who fell in love with the photograph dubbed this publication.

« The rest were them: Olivia, who not only touched him but sat down, and Firulais, all loving and photogenic who accepted the lap they offered him, ” observed the photographic specialist. « Such a wonderful quinceañera with such a pretty grin. She loved it and that can be seen in the image, ” stated one of the users who spotted the publication.The photograph got more than 5,000 “likes” on Instagram and Facebook . It also generated the fo

llowing comments: ” The nicest present she could receive”, “They look like the XV of Firulais and the fifteen-year-old looks like a bridesmaid” and “How wonderful the girl’s empathy when playing with the dog, humility above all ” .

Despite the puppy’s nice attitude, the photographer Nester pointed out that he could not welcome him into his house because he already had numerous pets. Yet he asked people to adopt street animals who need attention.

According to certain comments made in the publication by various users, they point out that the puppy had been adopted by a family, which would take care of it, however, this information is not verified by the photographer.



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