Justin Bieber Opens Up: Confirms Continued Affection for Selena Gomez in Candid Interview

The “Prince of Pop” said that his new single “All That Matters” was written about his ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez.

On Power 106 yesterday, besides joking that he had quit singing, making many fans cry, Justin Bieber also made the public especially interested when he frankly shared about his ex-lover Selena Gomez.

The “Prince of Pop” confirmed that he still loves Selena and his new single All That Matters is about their love.

“I write my best songs when my heart is broken. All That Matters was written when my relationship was at its best, at that time, she (Selena Gomez) was everything. What’s important in my life,” Justin told DJ Big Boy.

After confirming that All That Matters is about “SG”, the 19-year-old star explained: “The breakup affected both of us, especially when so many people were watching. It was too public, too difficult.” It’s difficult for both of them. But you know, she is a wonderful woman. I still love her until now.”

However, Justin emphasized: “I think we will become the best of friends. We are temporarily stopping communication.”

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