Surviving the Unthinkable: A Thrilling Tale of a Dog’s Terrifying Ordeal in a Sticky Tire

Surviving the Unthinkable: A Thrilling Tale of a Dog’s Terrifying Ordeal in a Sticky Tire

A dog has been freed from a sticky situation with the help of “lots of olive oil and patience”.

Crews from Queensland’s Mareeba Fire and Rescue, a local vet, and a vet nurse from Sundance Veterinary Services were called to a property just west of Cairns earlier this week to free Bonnie from a tyre.

The pooch had somehow stuck her head in a wheel rim’s small, round centre bore.

A tongue-in-cheek social media post from Queensland Fire and Emergency Services said it was a difficult extraction.

“This pup got herself stuck in a wheely difficult position, but luckily no job is too tyre-some for our crews,” QFES said, unable to resist the puns.

“Mareeba Fire and Rescue was on hand assisting Sundance Veterinary Services to free little Bonnie after she was found feeling a bit deflated with her head stuck in the middle of a wheel rim.

“Crews used lots of olive oil and patience to assist in the extrication. We hear she’s recovering well.”

Photos of the crew, veterinary staff, and the owner show a sheepish, perhaps embarrassed, Bonnie after her extraction.

Predictably the post about the incident blew up online with praise aplenty for the rural fireys.


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