The Shoes Are Gonna Get Hung Up”: Stephen Curry Reflects on ‘Fan Love’ After 109–98 Road Win Against Brooklyn Nets.

The Golden State Warriors continue their road trip with a win over the Brooklyn Nets where the Warriors handed the Nets a 98-109 loss at Barclays Center. After the game, the Nets broadcast went on to have a few words with All-Star point guard, Stephen Curry. While talking about the game, Curry addressed the love he got from fans in an opponent’s arena and what the whole ordeal felt like.

Stephen Curry led the Golden State Warriors to a 98-109 win over the Brooklyn Nets. Curry led his team with a 29-point performance, grabbing 5 rebounds and dining 3 assists in 34 minutes of playing time on the floor.

“The Shoes Are Gonna Get Hung Up”: Stephen Curry Reflects on ‘Fan Love’ After 109–98 Road Win Against Brooklyn Nets

After the game, Curry was interviewed by the Nets broadcast team. When asked about the love he got from the opponent’s fanbase in Barclays Center, this is what The Chef had to say.

“God is good in the sense of what basketball has allowed me to do and experience. We work so hard to play at this level like you said. Been in this game for a very long time and to have this type of response on the road, like, I never take it for granted. It’s truly special and at a certain point, the shoes are gonna get hung up and you’ll miss it.”

Curry mentioned how eventually he’ll have to retire from the game as well and he will miss all the love he got from fans every time he stepped onto the court. This is the reason why he never took all the love he got from his fame and popularity for granted.

Stephen Curry is still in his prime but at 35 years of age, Father Time will soon affect the Golden State Warriors point guard as well. And that was something Steph did address while talking to the reporter on the court.

Curry has always displayed a certain love for the game whenever he suited up for the Warriors. He always made sure to perform in such a manner that he would leave it all on the court. So, whenever the time comes when The Chef does announce his retirement, he’ll do so with a heavy heart due to his love for the game and the love he got from fans all around the league. As for the fans, they will undoubtedly share that same feeling with him when the time comes.

Stephen Curry’s influence around the league


Stephen Curry was just another player who got drafted into the NBA like many others. And not a lot stood out for Curry initially. The scouting report on Curry certainly did not do him any favors. But over the years, Steph worked extensively on his game to be labeled as the best shooter in NBA history. He revolutionized the game of basketball which in turn got him fans not just in the country but all around the world.

Listed at 6’3″, fans from around the world were able to relate to Stephen Curry more as opposed to the taller and bigger NBA players. Like many greats, Curry is now the reason for many young fans to not just take up the game but also dream about making it into the league one day.

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